Payment Settlement Policy

Payments collected from the buyers for the orders on are settled by Nearex as per the following policy. - The payment will be provided to the Seller after Nearex has received the payment from the Payment gateway partner. - No payment shall be made on Bank / Public holidays. - Payment is subjected to successful completion of delivery of the order to the customer or collection of the order by the customer. - All the applicable fees for Nearshop, associated GST and Taxes to be collected at source shall be deducted before payment is made. - Any outstanding amount linked to earlier orders / cancellations may also be deducted by Nearex during the payment settlement for new orders. - Payments shall be made through UPI, IMPS or NEFT to the UPI Id or the Bank account provided by the Seller on the App or at the time of registration. -There will be no cash payment made for any transaction.