Seller Order Cancellation Policy

Sellers are required to ensure that the products that they have listed on through the Nearshop app accurately reflect the stock availability and current price. The stock status can be modified using the Nearshop App and it is reflected on the site immediately. In case an order has been booked for an item that the seller is unable to supply, then Seller needs to request for the cancellation of the order through the Nearshop App’s order processing option. Nearshop will immediately inform the buyer of the unavailability of the items with the seller and make a refund for the payment that was received from the buyer. Frequent cancellation of an order by the Seller is considered to be a violation of the terms of service as Nearshop has to incur the costs associated with refunds and such events also result in a loss of face and buyer goodwill for Nearshop. Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions including listing cancellation, store suspension, limits on account privileges or even Account suspension.